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Luxury venue styling for weddings & events​​

All our centrepieces come complete with a choice of the following, for no extra charge unless otherwise stated....


Base plate 

  1. Log Slice
    Log Slice
  2. Slate Circle
    Slate Circle
  3. Gold Circle Mirror
    Gold Circle Mirror
  4. Circle Mirror
    Circle Mirror
  5. Stacked Books
    Stacked Books
  6. Square Mirror
    Square Mirror


Tea lights
(Circle Base - 3 tea lights included, Square base - 4 tea lights included,  we use the standard tea lights unless you specify otherwise, extra tea lights above this number can be hired at an additional cost)

  1. Tier Trio Tea lights
    Tier Trio Tea lights + £2.50 per table
  2. Standard circle tea lights
    Standard circle tea lights
  3. Crystal Tea lights + £2.50 per table (free with crystal candelabras)
    Crystal Tea lights + £2.50 per table
  4. Silver Mercury Tea lights
    Silver Mercury Tea lights
  5. Gold Mercury Tea Lights
    Gold Mercury Tea Lights
  6. Standard Square tea lights
    Standard Square tea lights


Table scatters
  • Table Diamonds in colours of choice
  • Pearls
  • Rose petals
  • Vintage confetti (heart shaped distressed paper personlised with new married name & date of wedding)
  • Iridescent dust - we use at most venues if you do not want this please tell us.
    It makes your tables shimmer as per picture below



  1. LED Light Bases under Vase
    LED Light Bases under Vase
  2. Fairy Lights
    Fairy Lights
  3. LED Candles
    LED Candles
  4. LED Light Bases in vase
    LED Light Bases in vase
  5. Coloured LED in vase
    Coloured LED in vase
  6. Waterproof LED in vase
    Waterproof LED in vase
  7. Floating Candles
    Floating Candles
  8. Taper Candles
    Taper Candles
  9. Pillar Candles
    Pillar Candles